Wetlands and boardwalk

Wetlands are the most vital, productive and diverse systems on the planet, and they are even more precious in a dry landscape like Australia where more than 50% of them have been destroyed.

Banrock Station’s main lagoon covers 120 hectares and the eastern lagoon 130 hectares. The natural seasonal cycle of the lagoons was interrupted in 1925 but has been reinstated under our guardianship, to restore the natural balance.

The Banrock Station Boardwalk Trails provide unprecedented public access to River Murray wetlands. Eight kilometres of trails includes 800m of wheelchair-accessible boardwalk, interpretive signange, bird hides and rest areas.

Please note, during summer days reaching temperatures of 35+ degrees, the board walk trails will be closed to the public. Please check the boardwalk availability with the wetlandcentre in advance to avoid disappointment.

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