Wetland Manager - Christophe Tourenq

Christophe has over 20 years’ experience in research and nature conservation spanning across the Mediterranean, Middle and Far East, and has a wide and extensive knowledge of nature conservation in wetlands and desert habitats including other Ramsar listed sites.

For the last decade, he was based in the United Arab Emirates, where he worked successively for a local governmental environment agency and an international NGO on species and habitat conservation.

Christophe initially moved to Australia in December 2011 and worked for an environmental consulting company in NSW. But he was very interested in the River Murray, reading up on the water resourcing issues. This interest spurred his decision to apply for the job at Banrock Station and he’s very excited to be part of a team working to preserve an Australian wetland of international importance.

He believes Banrock has huge potential for wetland research, conservation, education, community involvement and awareness to be combined successfully at the property, and these are some areas he hopes to explore in his new role - so watch this space!

Christophe and his wife Debra, along with their young son Adrien, are enjoying everything the Riverland region has to offer. They are both passionate about cooking and are excited to live in a place that has access to some of the freshest produce going around, right at their doorstep. They also look forward to getting outdoors and exploring some new camping sites!

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