Restaurant Dining

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Banrock Station menus are designed with emphasis on regional produce, delivering interesting and innovative food experiences. Each dish is accompanied by our Chef’s wine recommendation, or you can simply enjoy your favourite wine.

Our younger guests are not forgotten, a great children’s menu is also available.

Lunch is available daily from Noon to 3pm.

Our grazing menu is available from 10am to 3pm.

A delicious range of coffee, cakes and our famous wattleseed scones served with Quandong jam are available from 9am.

Breakfast is available Sunday mornings only from 9.30am – a perfect start to the day!

Download summer weekday menu

Download summer weekend menu

Download Friday night wine down menu

*The Wine and Wetland Centre is not accessible to pets.


As part of our commitment to responsible drinking,
we need to make sure that you're old enough to enjoy our wines.

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